Recruiters Recruiting Potential Recruiters

Today was our career fair at school. I am on the board for our school’s hospitality and tourism career fair. Unfortunately, I had a lab class that pretty much didn’t allow me to attend the fair except for the last two hours.

The ambassadors I had assigned to companies, I barely saw.
The lunch I helped approve, I did not eat.
The speaker who I, honestly, had nothing to do with in choosing her, I didn’t get to see.

It was a bit disappointing.

However, I found that coming in after the commotion of the morning and seeing the hard work the whole board had put in for the past semester turning into an actual event, was completely rewarding. I felt honored to be a part of the planning process. We helped bring recruiters to campus to help fellow students find jobs and internships. I met with a few freshman who were attending their first career fair and they were completely excited about the many different possibilities the future held. I had to take a step back and berate myself that I had done my job. Yes, I had missed out on the morning activities but I wasn’t on the board for a free lunch, I was on the board to help bring opportunity to other students. Who, one day, might be colleagues or important contacts.

Realizing you’re not the most important person is usually not an issue for me. Sad but true, I always wished I was that person who never doubted themselves..but hey I’m human! Although, today I found that maybe my ego was bigger than I had realized.


Embrace the awkward, and practice reckless optimism.



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