Class Presentations, and Those Who Give Them Its that time of year again where snow falls and Christmas Break is on the horizon. People are merry and bright. Unless you are participating in a little thing called college. Then the library lights are bright, and you're merry when someone goes to grab coffee with you so you can get a study break...and caffeine. Mostly, caffeine. The amount of projects and class presentations accumulate faster than you can believe. When you look around the library, or are sitting in your classroom watching other nervous 20-somethings giving their presentations, you easily see the many different ways people approach them. You have the hard-core student. They have  prepared for every possible event, and have the note cards to prove it. This student is the one you want to present before so that by the time they're finished no one will remember how you mispronounced your own name. If you are unable to present before them, then I would suggest waiting a presentation or two after theirs before volunteering to go. Next we have the lucky person who is able to BS their way through a presentation on DNA cloning. Gifted with the ability of speech, this student is usually the class favorite for presentations due to their ability to entertain. They're a nice break from our next student. The most common student is the Average Joe. This student had to spread themselves thin in preparing for multiple presentations. They slowly walk to the front of the class with their few note cards they hastily prepared 10 minutes before arriving to class. They stammer out random facts on the subject given to them, just barely make the time limit, and then quickly slide back into their seat to stare at the note cards for their next class. Lastly, we have the completely unprepared. Rolling in to class late and, sometimes, being surprised that today is in fact the day that presentations are taking place. They stand in front of the class and you can't help but sit in your seat and feel bad for them. A few times it has been painful to watch this student present. So, happy presentation season everyone. Go grab some coffee and find a comfy place in the library. Embrace the awkward, and practice reckless optimism. Robin      

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