Time of Unknown

My mother warned me that when I went off to college that I’d suddenly find myself without a true home. Yes, I would always be able to come back to my parents house and I had my new dorm room and roommate to live with. However, what she meant was that I would suddenly be thrust into the Unknown. Going home would be relieving but I’d find myself wanting to be back at school, and while at school I’d long to go home.

Nowhere was my true place.

I figured that by the time I reached my senior year of college that I’d lose the want to go home and find that school was where I’d long to be. And then I traveled around to internships.

I made friends from different states, lifestyles, and found niches in cities I’d only ever read about. I traveled and learned. I found opportunities I’d never thought would be present. The Unknown continued to grow and grow. It didn’t waver or subside. Opportunities, choices, options all amounted to create a grander abyss.

The Unknown is everywhere I turn. It’s extremely frightening and exciting. I have a million possibilities that lead to a million choices which lead to a million different outcomes. Being afraid of choosing the right one is definitely a concern. But I’m also having too much fun daydreaming about the different outcomes.

Don’t get me wrong, I will be happy when I start to settle down, but I have a feeling I’ll be living in the Unknown for a while longer.