Talk Music To Me Tuesdays

Talk Music To Me Tuesdays
Each Tuesday I will highlight the current songs that I have on repeat on my Spotify. Music is a powerful tool that affects my life heavily. I am completely infatuated with music and the lyrics of these songs. Most of my songs are a mix of Indie tunes, and EDM happens to slip in a few times.


Midnight City- Eric Prydz Private Remix by M83

I love the original version of this song, but this remix is definitely my favorite version. The beginning beats are always making me either bob my head or tap my foot. You can’t help yourself but to jam to this remix of Midnight City.

Lost It To Trying- Paper Towns Mix by Son Lux

Warning: the beginning of this song WILL get stuck on loop in your mind.

Habits Of My Heart by Jaymes Young

Jaymes Young is a beautiful singer. His lyrics  provide quite a bit of imagery that takes you through the story of this song. Comic relief comes through to remind you that even if you continue to have bad habits with relationships, you can remain BA, which made me laugh out loud at one point..”If you love yourself then you can go f**k yourself,” for example.

Borders by Years and Years

This beautiful, beautiful song. Oh Years and Years, their entire album (Foundation) is absolutely gorgeous. If ever I am feeling down I listen to this song and feel so empowered. Listen. It is beautiful.

Talk Me Down by Troye Sivan

Grab the tissues. This song is from Troye’s new album called Blue Neighbourhoods, which I have already pre-ordered the digital download and vinyl, and they’re not out until January. This is the last video to a trilogy of music videos that Troye released on his YouTube channel. Highly recommend listening to this beautifully tragic song..


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