What Do You Want For Christmas?

A text from my sister came through early last week, simply asking what I wanted for Christmas. She, also, kindly warned my brother and I that if we responded with “anything” she would apparently be buying us hash browns for our present?

Welcome to the inner workings of my family.

So out of fear of receiving hash browns Christmas morning, I went to the recesses of my brain to compile a list of things I would like to get this Christmas…

..which turned out to be nothing.

Not a single item popped into my head. I was about to text back world peace, but I’m guessing this answer would result in hash browns. This whole week I was thinking about the past year and the amount of times I would point at something and wish I had it. Problem is I have no idea what things I was pointing at!

Why is it that the moment Christmas rolls around my mind goes blank? Most of the items I’m currently saving up for myself are too expensive to ask someone else to get itĀ for me. I would feel very guilty if they did go out and buy me the item.

It was easier when I was little. Toys R Us would send a huge toy catalog to our house, I would chop the magazine up, paste it on a piece of construction paper, and hand it to my mother. I have no idea what she did with this list each year. She never followed them, which, honestly I don’t mind because half of the time I forgot what I had even pasted onto the list.

So for this tangent on Christmas gifts, I guess I will be receiving hash browns.

Embrace the awkward and practice reckless optimism.