Sorry, I Blinked.

I honestly feel like I blinked and suddenly my last post was two weeks ago! Woops! So much for keeping up with this idea of blogging. But, C’est La Vie!

That was, also, a lot of exclamation points. My apologies.

I made a video of my favorite weekend of my life thus far. Sorry about any other weekend that was absolutely amazing. This one is just more fresh in my mind.
It happened the first weekend of August. The location was Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. Lollapalooza.

Music pretty much gets me through life whether I’m happy or said my Spotify songs playlist definitely reflects that. You can scroll through the songs I’ve added to that playlist and 100% tell if I was having a good time or not so good time in life.

I went with Jenna, who is one of my oldest friends because we met in day care when we were a few weeks old.
She was amazing to go with because we honestly just let the music take over and jammed every set we saw. Whether we knew the song or not. We got lost in it.

So here’s the video.

I will hopefully post again soon…

Practice reckless optimism, and embrace the awkward.