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Free concert update: Matt and Kim will be in Indianapolis October 17th.

*clicks RSVP button*

Thank God for friends willing to do a completely random road trip to Indianapolis with a week notice that a free concert is happening. Also, thank God for a sister currently living in Indianapolis to provide free housing for said friends and myself.

Matt and Kim are incredible humans and complete couple goals. I have been in love with their music since my brother first showed me Daylight in high school. Matt kept just full on gushing over Kim, the entire concert you could tell how proud he was that Kim was his wife and, from what I can tell from their concert and some Instagram stalking, his best friend.

Obviously, I’m a complete hopeless romantic at heart, and the music just adds fuel to the fire.

My voice is currently still recovering from being a complete fan girl. Apologies vocal chords. If ever the chance arises to see Matt and Kim in concert, TAKE IT. You won’t regret it, except for your vocal chords. Once again, sorry.

The following day the group of us went to the Indiana Museum of Art (IMA). Being three broke college kids and one poor graduate student, we decided to not do the museum part and just partake in strolling about the gardens…which happen to be free. This was possibly the best idea we had all of Sunday. The gardens were gorgeous, especially with the trees relenting to the fall seasonal color scheme. Following the map for the gardens, we found green houses that held a variety of flowers, succulents, and cacti. A few of which were for sale for pretty cheap and are now no longer at the IMA.

We had to of been inside of the green houses for a solid hour

A. Due to the amount of different plants to look at and indecision on which ones to buy.

B. Jake is a botany major and my sister had to ask him a million questions about each plant in every green house.

C. Jake is a botany major. We were in rooms full of plants.

Unfortunately, me being me, I didn’t realize that the park with the bone sculpture that was featured on the Fault In Our Stars (which is set in Indy for anyone who lives under a rock and didn’t realize John Green lives in Indy) is at the IMA. I was talking with my friend from class about my weekend in Indy and told her I went to the IMA, and then she let me know that I was a moron for not going to the sculpture.

Oy vey!

Anyhow, this weekend trip was fantastic. Go to Indy. Travel for a weekend. See some sites.

Embrace the awkward and practice reckless optimism.