Marathons Not Involving Netflix

Last weekend was Fall Break for Purdue, and good thing because breaks are fantastic. I had the pleasure of going to Chicago and visiting friends. I, also, went to Chicago to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

Now, I had meant to train for this marathon because…it’s a marathon. A whole 26.2 miles, a little over 41 kilometers, two half marathons! Who wouldn’t train for this?

…apparently me

My friends I had signed up to run with had been training and were more nervous than I was. (Probably because they knew what pain was ahead.) I have been running since at least fourth grade. My elementary school had a one mile race that you would be on the cross country team to compete in. I then ran cross country all throughout middle school and high school. For the first month of college I was on the Purdue cross country team as a walk-on…then quickly realized I was not cut out to be a college athlete.

Which, by the way, props to any college athlete out there. That’s hard.

Back to Chicago…I met up with my friends at the expo held the day before the race. Free samples of Cliff Bars, Gatorade chews, and the equivalent to an entire block of clothing stores with nothing but running wear, if you weren’t inspired to run a marathon before this expo it definitely helped. After resisting to buy every piece of merchandise that said Chicago Marathon 2015, we headed back to my friend’s apartment and had a restful night involving painting nails and Parks and Rec.

The next morning we left the apartment by 6:00 am so that we could get to the corrals in time and not be rushed. It took about 30 minutes to get to the start line once the race began due to the amount of people. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing. Corral H helped calm my nerves with everyone’s nervous chatter and jokes. By the time we were able to start running the marathon I was sad to see those around me disappear into the mass of runners.

I would highly recommend running the Chicago marathon to anyone new or old to running. Chicago is pretty flat and provides for a multitude of sites to see on the race route. The marathon has to be one of my favorite experiences. You rely wholeheartedly on inner strength those last few miles and I found I’m a lot stronger than I had first thought.

I managed to stick with a Nike Pace Team who were conveniently right in front of me. This helped me achieve a time of 4 hours, 43 minutes, and 48 seconds! I am still in shock over my time and am ridiculously proud.

The rest of the weekend was focused on returning to Purdue and avoiding stairs.

Stairs are the enemy after running a marathon. The worst enemy.

I was going to post a video to here about my random doings this past weekend, however due to a computer update I am trying to find out how to fix my movie editor.

C’est la vie!

Embrace the awkward and practice reckless optimism.